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TOPDON is a new team who are dedicatedto focus on product development and innovation and attach due importance touser experience by producing well-designed, well-made, well-treated products.ArtiBattery, adopting theadvanced conductance

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TOPDON is a new team who are dedicated to focus on product development and innovation and attach due importance to user experience by producing well-designed, well-made, well-treated products.

ArtiBattery, adopting the advanced conductance testing technology, is to help mechanics find the problem easily, quickly and accurately.


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SOH: State of Health

SOC: State of Charge

This tester supports in/out of vehicle test

Voltage test range: 8-16 VDC



12-month warranty for your any quality problems



1. Battery Test: Measures the actual cold cranking amps capability of the car starting battery,battery healthy state, and common fault of the car starting system and charging system.

2. ArtiBattery 101 is composed of battery analyzer and test cable.

3. Battery Test Result:

1)    Good Battery: The battery is without any problem;

2)    Good, Recharge: Good battery but low current,recharge before;

3)    Bad Cell,Replace: Battery interior damaged, broken cell or short circuit, replace battery;

4)    Replace: The battery is almost or already at the end of the using life, replacebattery,otherwise, there may be bigger danger;

5)    Charge, Retest: Unstable battery shall be recharged and retested to avoid error. If the same test resultappears again, the battery is regarded as damaged,replace the battery.




Display: 220*176 LCD

Acid-proof plastic with silica gel buttons

CCA: Cold Cranking Amps (Range: 100~2000)

BCI: Battery Council International (100~2000)

CA: Cranking Amps (100~2000)

MCA: Marine Cranking Amps (100~2000)

JIS: Japan Industrial Standard (26A17~245H52)

DIN: German Auto Industry Committee (100~1400)

IEC: Internal Electrical Technical Commission (100~1400)

EN: European Automobile Industry Association (100~2000)

SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers (100~2000)

GB: China National Standard (30Ah~200Ah)


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