Tool Description
TOPDON ITC629 serves as an Infrared Thermal Camera designed for the commercial, electrical, facility, HVAC, and many more maintenance applications, to simplify their repair and maintenance reporting. It is an ideal option for those who need an Infrared Thermal Camera with top-notch thermal imaging and advanced features at a limited budget.
Technical Specifications

Infrared Image Resolution: 220*160
Display Screen: 3.2”full angle TFT display screen
LCD Resolution: 320*240
Visible Image Solution: 300,000 pixel
Field Angle: 5°×26°
Shortest Focus Length: 0.15m (5.91 inch)
Thermal Sensitivity: 0.07°C (0.126°F)
Temperature Measurement Range: -20℃ to 500℃ (-4°F to 932°F)
Measurement Accuracy: ±2℃/±2%
Emissivity: Adjustable from 0.01to 1.00
Wavelength Coverage: 8-14um
Focus Mode: Fixed
Color Palette: Rainbow, iron oxide red, cold color, black & white, white & black
Storage Capacity: Built-in 3G (above 20 thousand image stored)
Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Battery
Continuous Work Time: 3hours
Automatic Power-off Time: Selectable5 minutes/20 minutes/ not power off automatically
Language: English, Chinese, Italian, German
Head Unit Size: 90*105*223 mm (3.54*4.13*8.78 inches)
Head Unit Weight: 389g (0.86 lb)
Work Temperature: 0°C~45°C (32°F~113°F)
Frame Rate of Thermal Images: 9Hz

Package List

1*TOPDON ITC629 Infrared Thermographic Camera

1*5V/2A USB Charger Adapter

1*USB to Micro USB Cable

1*User Manual

1*Carrying Bag

1*Carry Case


  • Captures infrared energy and uses the data to create images through digitalvideo outputs.

  • Serves various real-life applications e.g. electrical inspection, agriculture, home inspection, plumbing, diagnose vehicles, wildlife hunting, etc.

  • -20℃ to 450℃ (-4°F to 842°F) Broad Temperature Range, being enough to capture all of the temperatures in the objects or scenes you may typically encounter.

  • 0.07°C Advanced Thermal Sensitivity, to spot subtle heat loss or gain, to record finer distinctions in temperature.

  • 220*160 Crisp Infrared Image Resolution,to create a detailed image in identifying the problem.

  • 35×26Degrees Wide Field of View, to show more subjects into a single thermal image.

  • Automatic Cold & Hot Spot Tracking, to observe changes more effectively within a fully colorized area.

  • 4 Types of Emissivity Adjustment (0.01 to 1.00), to get more accurate inspection data.

  • 5 Color Scale Palettes (Rainbow, Iron Red, Cold Color, Black Heat, or White Heat), to learn more about the area being inspected.

  • 3 Hours of Continuous Working Time on a single charge.

  • Durable, Robust and Lightweight, for any working condition.

  • Grab and Go Simplicity, set up in seconds with no learning curve involved.

  • Bonus 3GB Built-in Memory.

  • 12-month warranty.