JumpSurge 2000
JumpSurge 2000
JumpSurge 2000
JumpSurge 2000
JumpSurge 2000
JumpSurge 2000
Tool Description
The JumpSurge2000 is a 2000 Peak Cranking Amp power bank and jump-starter for 12V battery vehicles (up to 8L on gas engines, and 6L on diesel engines). Its Boost Function™ jump-starts dead or damaged batteries making the Jump Surge a must-have for all drivers! With the JS2000 you'll be able to make up to 35 jumps on a single charge, never being stranded with a dead battery! The built-in LED flashlight keeps you out of dark and the power bank function allows you to fully charge your mobile devices in less than an hour.
Technical Specifications

Peak Current: 200A Peak Amps
Capacity: 16000mAh/59.2Wh
Type C Input: 5V_3A/9V_2A
USB1 Output: QC18W 5V/3A, 9V/2A,12V/1.5A, USB2: 5V/2A
DC Output: 10A Max 16.8V
Length of Clamp Cable Positive: 250mm, Negative: 200mm
Starting Capacity: 8L Gas 6L Diesel

Package List

1*Jump Surge 2000
1*User Manual
1*Rugged Carrying Case
1*Heavy-duty, Premium Copper Clamps
1*Type-C Cable for Easy Charging


  • Get 35 Jumps on a Single Charge
  • Boost Function Revives Dead or Damaged Batteries!
  • Innovative Stop Spark™ Sensors for Even More Protection
  • Jump Start Batteries Within 1 to 2 Seconds.
  • 300 Lumens Flashlight 
  • Heavy-Duty Premium Copper Clamps 
  • USB Quick Charge 3.0 Port
  • Fully Charges Most Devices Within an Hour 
  • Sturdy Outer Housing Resistant to Water, Dust, and Wear.