TOPDON TestLight Program

Help Topdon Make Products Better

TOPDON TestLight Program

Help Topdon Make Products Better

What's The TOPDON
TestLight Program?

Welcome to TOPDON's beta test program for our new products! We believe in thoroughly testing every product before it hits the market. If you're a technician or a car modification enthusiast, we invite you to contact us for access to our latest Beta Test products.

At TOPDON, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products and user experiences. Your feedback is incredibly important to us, and we continuously optimize our products based on your input. By joining the TOPDON TestLight program, you'll have the opportunity to share your ideas and help us design products that are tailored to your needs and preferences. Let's work together to make better products for everyone!

What Can You Get?

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Early Access To New Products

Be the first to try our latest and greatest innovations, and help us fine-tune them before they launch to the masses. Your feedback shapes the future!

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Influence Product Development

Your voice matters! Share your thoughts and ideas, and know that we'll listen and actively incorporate your suggestions to make our products even better for everyone.

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Join The Early Adopter Squad

Connect with a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts and passionate users who love being on the cutting edge. Share your experiences, tips, and feedback in a collaborative and supportive environment.

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Free Product & Free Shipping

That's right! Enjoy the latest tech at no cost, delivered straight to your door. As a thank you for your invaluable insights, we'll take care of everything.

What Do You Need To Do?

Use the product as much as possible

Tell us about your experience

Upload as much test data as possible

As a beta tester, it's important to use the product seriously and give us your thoughts. Failure to do so may result in blacklisting and the loss of beta testing privileges.

What Products Are We Testing?

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Diagnostic Tools

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Key Programming

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Do Not Have A Product You’d Like To Test Right Now?

Leave your information, and we will notify you as soon as there are products suitable for you!
We will also launch testing activities for more products, so please stay tuned.

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Overview Of Completed Programs

Diagnostic Tool


From March to September 2023, we diligently gathered, analyzed, and successfully addressed feedback from thousands of users and continued to enhance TopScan’s functionality. Together, we are propelling the TopScan to new heights. Thank you all for your invaluable contributions!

TopScan has been officially launched and has received widespread praise!

DIscover Now
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Total Beta Testers

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Car Brands

icon11-Feedback Received.png__PID:4ea4539c-2de2-48b5-bda2-f0109590e51d


Feedback Received


Users are satisfied with TopScan Beta Test Version.


Effective suggestions and issues identified in user feedback that need attention.


We've addressed the problems and developed two versions, Lite and Pro, to better meet user needs.

What Our Testers Say

First impressions is this thing will be really cool when it’s finished. Full vehicle scan(not generic obd), live data, reset functions, special functions, and bi-directional controls! Definitely the perfect little tool to keep in your car.

Jake B

So far I'v be used this to do pre and post scans at the shop I work at. And it’s been pretty good. It’s a pretty sweet tool. I also like you can print from your phone/tablet right to the printer.

Omar K

All I can say is wow, once this obd scanner known as the TopScan is released publicly it should be a big hit. I've used it on multiple vehicles now from 2003 up including diesel and wow the features on it and been able to reset and activate different things is amazing. Awesome job Topdon.

Christopher F

So far very impressed with it, did some live data and the response time was very good. Super easy to use. Will try different things on my other vehicles and report any anomalies….

Alex I

Got this badass fellow the other day and i gotta say its very powerful tool in a little bitty package. Almost as good as my Weinstein. It's very versatile and iv not really had any issues. So yea it does just as much as my pro level scan tools actually I would rather use this! Good job TOPDON!!!

Josh C

It is great to see how much you can offer at this price point where a diy or prosumer is able to easily afford the investment short-term and the potential of big long-term cost savings. I look forward to having a input on this and whatever else is coming down the pipeline for the future. Being that I have just recently discovered these products exist as well as my own research on the company.

Mike S