Tool Description
TOPDON ArtiLink 201, an easy-to-use entry-level OBD2 scanner built to facilitate daily car maintenance, works on most 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based and newer vehicles, features user-friendly designs with large LCD screen, I/M hotkey, and 3.6 foot long OBD2 cable, and supports full OBD2 functions to help you efficiently read trouble codes, test vehicle emissions, and turn off MIL.
Technical Specifications

Screen: 2 inch TFT, 220*176 LCD color display

Input Voltage: 9-18V

Operating Current: 150mA/ 12V(Typical)

Power Consumption: 1.8W(Typical)

Operating Temperature: 32°F-122°F/0°C -55°C

Package List

1* Main Unit

1* User Manual

1* USB Cable


  • I/M Readiness Check – This auto scanner can retrieve the running state of each emissions-related monitors or sensors and show you the test results directly. A single press toI/M button is OK for the State Emissions Test.
  • O2 Sensor Test – This OBD2 code reader can also display the real-time monitoring results of O2 sensors on OBD system. With the help of this test, you can make an analysis of these data to determine whether the vehicle works as well as it should or not.
  • Live Data & Freeze Frame – Do you want to know more about the OBD system? The OBD2 diagnostic tool will help you retrieve the live data indicating vehicle’s running status and the freeze frame data presenting immediate operating parameters when problems occur.
  • To avoid getting the ticket for exhaust excess, you can have a quick vehicle inspectionon I/Mreadiness to confirm if your vehicle is ready for a State Emission Test.
  • About turning off Check Engine Light: you can directly clear trouble codes to turn off Check Engine Light without driving to workshops if the illuminated MIL is just an error warning.