Tool Description
TOPDONT4A (TORNADO4000) servers as a smart battery charger for 6V/12V lead-acid and 12V lithium-acid batteries up to 150 amp-hours, with twice the charging speed, 10 charging steps, 8 charging modes, light weightiness, portability, ease of use, compact design and other extraordinary features, proving itself to be highly safe and reliable for charging, repairing, maintaining various batteries.
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Technical Specifications

Input Voltage AC: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz  

Working Voltage AC: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz  

Efficiency: 85% Approx.  

Power: 65W Max  

Charging Voltage: Various  

Charging Current: 4A (12V)4A (6V)  

Low-Voltage Detection: 2V(12V), 2V(6V)  

Back Current Drain: < 5mA  

Working Temp.: 14°F to 104°F (-10° to 40°C)  

Storage Temp.: 0° to 130°F (-17°C to 54°C)  

Charger Type: 10 Step, Smart Charger 

Type of Batteries: 6V & 12V  

Battery Chemistries: Wet, Gel, MF, CA, EFB, AGM& LIB  

Battery Capacity: Up to 150Ah (6V & 12V)

Maintains All Sizes  

Housing: Protection IP65  

Cooling: Natural Convection  

Dimensions: 205.4*74.1*46.5mm (8.09*2.92*1.83 inches)  

Weight: 545g (1.20 lb) 

Package List

1* TOPDON Tornado4000

1* Cable Clamp

1* User Manual

1* Packing Box


  • One of the most advanced, versatile, safest & all-in-one battery chargers.

  • Also a battery maintainer, trickle charger, plus battery desulfator.

  • Evolutionary 4-Step 4A Smart Charging technology.

  • Intelligent microprocessoris adopted for a faster and more efficient charge.

  • 2X faster than ordinary battery chargers.

  • Universally compatible with6V & 12V Lead-acid, and12V lithium-ion batteries (Wet, MF, GEL, AGM, etc.) from up to 150Ah.

  • 8 unique charging modes to suit requirements for small and large batteries even in cold temperature.

  • Built-in 5 protections against Reverse Polarity, Overvoltage, Overcharging, Overheating and Low Voltage.

  • Safely connected 24/7, UV and IP65 water resistant.

  • Compact design with intuitive LED indicators.

  • 3-year warranty.